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Personal Injury Law

It is often true that your health is indeed the most important thing that matters. Few things in life make a person more aware of how true this saying is than an injury. When you have been injured, life suddenly becomes focused on the very basic items you used to take for granted: getting around the house, buying groceries, even simply paying for the medical services you require as a result of your injury.

The Memphis, Tennessee law firm of Harrell & Associates understands these issues. We help our clients manage them every day. Our firm has represented clients who have suffered:

What The Harrell Firm Can Do for You
An attorney from our law firm will work to ensure that you receive the maximum damages to which you are entitled as a result of your injury. To recover damages, a lawyer from The Harrell Firm will examine the facts surrounding your injury. We will explain to the court who or what caused your injury and who or what is answerable for the harm caused to you. Damages awarded to you by the court are called a "civil remedy." Keep in mind that your injury case will be heard by a civil court, not a criminal court.

As an example, people are sometimes hurt while they are on someone else's property. Often, these cases involve what is called a slip-and-fall injury. Perhaps someone slipped and fell on ice while shopping for a Christmas tree. The ice, however, resulted from the property owner neglecting to maintain his or her gutters to control water runoff and pooling. The Harrell Firm often serves as a Memphis slip-and-fall attorney representing people in these situations. The case could result in a civil court awarding damages to the injured person.

Car And Truck Accidents

The variety of motor vehicles on the road has always demanded the full attention of drivers. Combined with the recent availability of technology such as texting and cell phones, the roads have become more dangerous than ever. lf you have been injured by someone else in a motor vehicle accident or a motorcycle wreck, you need to understand your rights. You should contact Memphis car and truck accident attorney Sean M. Harrell.

The Lawyer for the Insurance Company Is Not Your Lawyer
Keep in mind that the attorneys for the insurance company do not represent you; they represent the insurance company. You will want your own legal adviser to help you protect your rights. The Memphis, Tennessee law firm of The Harrell Firm can serve as your legal adviser throughout this difficult time.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Sean M. Harrell represents clients who have been injured by another driver's negligence in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including

When representing you after an automobile accident, The Harrell Firm will first uncover all the facts of your case. The firm will then craft a legal argument it can present to the judge and a jury. The law firm will work with you so the insurance company, the judge and the jury understand the exact nature of your injuries. You will talk about how the injury has affected your ability to live your life and how it has affected the lives of your loved ones. To help you tell your story, the firm may also retain experts to testify on your behalf.

Experienced Trial Counsel
Sean M. Harrell has more than 11 years of lawyering experience. He understands when negotiation for a settlement best serves his clients' interests. He also understands when a trial may be necessary to best safeguard his clients' rights. Attorney Harrell's goal is to help you receive the proceeds and benefits that will help you continue your life and manage your injury.